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Looking for some Canada phone number? It’s not a problem anymore! The proposed database will give you exact details about Canadian phone numbers. The data is constantly being renewed, and you will always find actual numbers. Any information related to area codes is available: just consult the area codes map or use Canada area codes list.

To make your search more convenient, we have prepared area codes:

  • listed by province;
  • llisted in numeric order.

Moreover, feel free to use search by number or search by city.

Canada Area Map with Phone Codes

Areas Codes

800 Area Code
833 Area Code 844 Area Code
855 Area Code 866 Area Code
877 Area Code 888 Area Code

In these modern days, phone frauds can be noticed worldwide. A call from unknown number may catch you flatfooted at any time. But how does your phone number get to the strangers?

The fraudsters receive it via:

  • social networks (people write all personal information);
  • online polls;
  • different sites where you insert your number;
  • phishing sites that look like real ones.

Phone fraudsters may call to say that you win some money or that they’re carrying a snap poll. Sometimes they can call themselves radio workers, representatives of popular enterprises, even your mobile operators or bank representatives. The list of reasons is rather long.

Anyway, these people will try to con you out of money. Some of them can scare you that your relatives or friends are in trouble and they need your help. Other phone fraudsters may even blackmail and threaten you.

Our database of Canada phone numbers with area code finder and phone number finder will help you not fall in such a trap. Our project is aimed at struggling against fraudsters. But we cannot guarantee 100% assistance. However, our database may let you reveal whose number is displayed on your screen.

Reverse telephone lookup used in our service can help you to avoid such traps. And you may use it for free and make a search by city or number! To make this search, enter a 10-digit phone number or the city in the fields above.

It is a rather handy service that will help you to check a strange phone number and study up on it. Moreover, reverse call lookup allows even getting the address of phone owner. You will be provided with the location of a phone number and address.

Feedback on a specific number and your comment may help your relatives, friends and other people to find the fraudsters. Watch out and use this helpful area codes list of Canada.

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