List of British Columbia area codes

236 Area Code
250 Area Code
604 Area Code
778 Area Code

British Columbia became a part of Canadian provinces in 1871. It is located on the western coast of Canada and borders on the Pacific Ocean.

British Columbia has some area codes. And our service will allow you to find the information about British Columbia phone numbers. British Columbia area codes include five main codes, and each of the them has its own history.

604 is spread in the southwest part of British Columbia, and it was fixed in 1947. This code had served the whole province before a split in 1997, which created the new code 250 for the other parts of this territory.

250 is the most widespread area code in British Columbia. It was created in 1997 because of the split of area code 604.

778 is an area code introduced in November 2001.

604, 250 and 778 area codes were intended for a long-term use. But in the end, these codes were close to exhaustion. The specialist wanted to solve this problem and introduced the new area code 236 in 2013.

672 is as a reserve code in British Columbia in the event of exhaustion of the area code 236.

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