List of Quebec area codes

418 Area Code
438 Area Code
450 Area Code
514 Area Code
579 Area Code
581 Area Code
819 Area Code
873 Area Code

Quebec is the second most populated Canadian province, and its capital is Quebec City.

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Quebec is the most populated province after Ontario. Its population amounts to more than 8,000,000 people. Quebec uses eight area codes.

418 is the area code that is valid on the east of Quebec. It works with the area code 581.

438 is the area code of Greater Montreal. It overlays with the area code 514.

450 code is used for Montreal outskirts. This code works with the area code 579.

514 is the area code of Island of Montreal. It is covered by the area code 438.

613 code serves for St. Regis, but it is also used on the east of Ontario province.

581 is the area code of Eastern Quebec. This code overlays with the area code 418.

819 and 873 codes are used in the western and northern parts of Quebec, as well as on the southeast.

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